Ginger Ingalls, author, poet, writer in Washington, DC

Welcome to! This website was created to provide information about a series of books I’m writing as well as host a blog about transformation.

The first three books (out of 12 planned) have been written already. The latest, Blessing, has been recorded and is now available for download (and for the price of $10, an hour-long listen).

The first book, Flames in the Water, (A Walk with Cancer and Healing) c 2011, $6.95, for download, is 19 poetry-in-prose pieces that were first published and available as an Kindle eBook. I wrote this book undergoing a life-or-death illness, and the process made me feel more real as I also concluded that to reach health, one must ‘love, just love.’

The second, To Love, c 2012, paperback, $15 + $3.95 for shipping, is 46 poetry-in-prose pieces available through this site (using the link to the right). The discovery of voice coming from a place of silence within which to resource was difficult, but it built compassion. I want to share this with you.

The third, Blessing, is a spoken word with music audio book download — a dialogue between a man and a woman that concludes that the real blessing is to just be yourself. It can be purchased through CD Baby. It is also available on iTunes as well as Amazon.